From family business to large group

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History of LIST Technology AG


Jakob Müller Group establishes LIST Technology AG as new company to continue the business activity of the former LIST AG


LIST enters into oil sludge recovery business


Opening of LIST Demonstration Center LDC for elastomers and rubbers


First industrial-scale KneaderReactor for continuous bulk polymerization


LIST supplies a complete direct desolventizing system including its revolutionary single shaft main evaporator technology as well as its twin shaft devolatilizer technology.


LIST improves on its popular twin shaft technology with the introduction of co-rotating and counter-rotating systems


LIST installs the first successful industrial-scale continuous sugar substitute processing line.


LIST pioneers the first commercial Continuous TDI Recovery System.


Heinz List establishes LIST AG, a family-owned company in Switzerland.

Heinz List was a pioneer of modern industrial processing technology. His research in the field of continuous kneading led to the development of the Co-Kneader, which continues to be used today. When he founded the company, he envisioned an organization that would continue to contribute to the advancements that he made. His innovations earned Heinz List an induction into the Polymer Processing Hall of Fame at the University of Akron, OH, USA and a place in the gallery of celebrities of the Stuttgart University, Germany