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We offer industry-oriented process solutions


In the chemical industry, the unique features of the LIST KneaderReactor technology are essential for a wide range of applications and products

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For the fiber industry LIST has developed several industrial proven, state of the art processes

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Polymer & Rubber

In the Polymer and Rubber industry the use of LIST KneaderReactors is an integral part of the production of a large variety of polymers and elastomers

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LIST KneaderReactors are in successful operation in many industrial recycling processes

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Agricultural Chemistry

For the agricultural chemistry LIST is offering different types of reaction and drying processes

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Energy - Oil

For the oil industry LIST has developed some outstanding processes, which help to increase the efficiency of refineries

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Energy - Biomass

For the Biomass Energy sector LIST has developed a safe Torrefaction process

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For the pharmaceutical industry LIST has developed several processes for the reaction, crystallization, polymerization or drying of pharmaceutical products

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LIST process solutions for the food industry include processes such as crystallization, homogenization, mixing and kneading, chemical reaction or drying

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Paint & Coatings

The LIST process solutions are often used in the paint and coating industry due to its ability to process certain products without using solvents

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