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Chemical Reaction

The LIST KneaderReactor technology is being effectively employed for a wide variety of chemical reactions under stoichiometric or nearly stoichiometric conditions. It enables the reaction in the pasty and/or solid phase which has the advantage that the reactants have a much more intensive contact accelerating the perfect reaction.

Reactions, where the product undergoes a phase change from a pasty to a solid state or excessive volumes of foam are generated, can be easily handled in LIST Kneader Reactor. For diffusion limited or heat transfer controlled reactions the residence time of the product is freely adjustable.

The LIST technology, which has virtually almost no limitation regarding the product viscosity, helps to avoid the use of solvents or stripping agents which would require an additional complex and costly separation process downstream of the reactor.


Hexamethylol-Melamine (HMM)
LIST has developed a continuous reaction process for the combined synthesis and vacuum drying of HMM. This reaction is nearly stoichiometric, so much less formaldehyde needs to be handled and recovered.
Most importantly, the final product discharged from the drying stage is a free-flowing powder that is easy to handle and contains very low levels of formaldehyde and water.

Agricultural Chemicals
Various Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides and Pesticides



Your Benefits

  • Effective self-cleaning to minimize dead zones, product accumulation and product degradation
  • Excellent kneading and mixing for better homogenization
  • Low shear processing
  • Effective heat transfer
  • High surface renewal efficiency
  • Large free vapour volume
  • Precise and uniform temperature control due to large heat transfer areas
  • Continuous or batch processing
  • Processing of sticky and highly viscous products
  • Narrow residence time distributions (plug flow)
  • Wide and flexible range of average residence times
  • Reliable process scale-up from pilot to industrial units
  • High conversion rates
  • Reaction at almost stoichiometric conditions


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